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Organic Root Stimulator - Scalp Scrub

Organic Root Stimulator - Scalp Scrub

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Type: Hair Treatment

Brand: Organic Root Stimulator

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Stunted hair growth, hair thinning and dry scalp can all be signs of a sick scalp. Sluggish metabolism, poor circulation, harsh chemicals or the environment may cause these problems. Together they can starve the scalp of needed oxygen.

Scalp Scrub™ stimulating treatment kit:

•Unclogs and gently exfoliates scalp with essential herbs
•Delivers oxygen and capsicum to increase circulation
•Rushes sulfur-rich nutrients to hair follicles so they can thrive.

Who should use this product

  • Anyone experiencing hair loss
  • Those with dandruff
  • Those who want to maintain a healthy scalp and prevent hair loss problems in the future.

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